CEO Quote: Antony Lain
'Turning Point has been instrumental in ensuring the success of RSP's change initiative. RSP is now a successful delivery organisation with an effective leadership team, high credibility and morale, winning two industry awards during 2004 and another in 2005. Turning Point left RSP with a legacy of tools, processes, and techniques that are now woven into our everyday working and interaction. Sharon Leonardi was at all times challenging, professional, informative and fun.'

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Case Study 1 - Change management, executive team development, leadership coaching

RSP is the central clearing bank (50 billion over 10 years) for UK Passenger Rail. RSP manages the supply of tickets, and buy and deliver IT projects and Services for the Rail Companies.

RSP engaged Turning Point to work with them during a critical period of business change. The business was suffering from low credibility, delivery and morale yet it was important to provide industry leadership. Turning Point worked closely with the CEO and the executive team, coaching and supporting them in their leadership roles. The programme included leadership and team coaching and mentoring, executive team development, governance and business planning, an organisation performance improvement audit and change programme, in support of business delivery, culture change and proactive stakeholder involvement.

Case Study 2 - Workshop design and facilitation, change management

Audit Forensic Client: Designed and facilitated a series of interventions/workshops for a client faced with the market need to increase revenue dramatically. Worked with the leadership team to identify strategic options, develop organisation models, transition plans and develop insight into how leadership behaviour needed to shift to role model organisational behaviours and deliver the business results.

Case Study 3 - Change Management, organisation design

Technology Service Organisation: Led a large change team within a larger programme to design and building a new organization capability to support a leading edge new technology product (voice over IP service) Worked with the Board to agree business goals/priorities, delivered organisation design and implementation process, stakeholder management, culture assessment, change strategy, recruitment plan and delivery, training design and delivery, communication management.

Case Study 4 - HR cost reduction, benchmarking

Technology: Led an opportunity identification and quantifications exercise seeking performance improvement across the European HR function of an IT Technology business. Designed data gathering approach, led interviews across European centres and collated and analysed the data against benchmarks, and identified opportunities for improvement.

Case Study 5 - Change management and communications

Telecoms: Responsible for communication and change management in support of the outsourcing of the operational repair function across Europe. Stakeholder workshops were run with the country leaders agreeing a transition strategy and handover plan. Local country resistance/ concerns and unique country specific challenges were addressed. Lead European wide internal communications and coordinated communications internal and into the external market. Set up and briefed a virtual communications team across Europe responsible for localised communication.

Case Study 6 - Organisation design, HR Transition plan, process design

Bank: Lead the client /consultant team (process, systems, change, HR) responsible for developing the new service management function for a bank, within the context of a broader restructure and legal/contractual negotiations with the selected supplier. New processes, SLA's, organisation design and HR people transition plan were delivered.

Case Study 7 - Leadership Coaching

Coached a CEO and his team to build a vision, shift leadership style, empower and motivate people, build their executive governance framework and develop team relations and skills.


'I found working with you: Stimulating because you are creative, Fun because you care and have a wicked sense of humor, Challenging because you provide insight and think differently from most, in a fairly linear profession'
Anne Davies

'You always consider the situation holistically, taking a big picture view, creating context for yourself and others. You move comfortably into appropriate levels of detail, are very focussed, sustaining a high level of commitment and energy over long periods of time. You set very high standards for yourself and others, encouraging them to deliver work of good quality. Your solutions and interventions are creative, original, well considered and thought through.'
Hilary Dennis

'Challenging: You seemed happy to seek clarification and justification, forcing the other person to think more deeply about what they were saying. Reframing: You offered alternate ways of looking at issues and interwove your ideas with how the other person perceived things, adding to and enhancing their thinking. Acting: you encouraged the other person to act - rather than simply talk about it - and instilled confidence that it was better to do something and risk the need for later correction than do nothing and so achieve nothing'
Ken Elvy

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