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We are currently researching:
Coaching leaders to drive profound change
What coaching practices support Leaders in being transformational, (transforming self, their contexts/organisation's and wider society/world systems) within a rapidly changing world view and business environment?









With specific focus on understanding the role that Leaders play in building creative, engaged high performance organisations:

With three supporting questions:

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The fieldwork will involve sourcing and selecting case studies for comparative analysis, engaging the leaders and coaches in dialogue around the models and developing understanding of how the model is helpful in practice or not.

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Challenging questions to be explored

1 Is it possible to enable more people to become empowered, have more choices, build a better world, better workplaces and more meaningful lives?

2 Could a conceptual model be developed for bridging the wisdom of the world and management practice to unleash true performance and improve coaching practice?

3 Will understanding the source of true creativity and the process of full engagement provide real insights into what drives profound change? (transformational shifts in performance?)

4 What relationships exist between leadership characteristics, (beliefs, capabilities and tactics), and building a creative, engaged, high performance workforce /organisation?

5 What coaching practice (beliefs, practices, principles, ethics, competence, supervision) support the leader in becoming an instrument for sustainable change in these areas?

6 How can Leaders influence through their personal leadership or through building the environment/ organisation/context for empowering conditions to flourish?

7 Creativity, engagement and high performing organisations - is there a link?

8 Creativity and engagement are at their core about individual choice, a human cannot be forced to be creative. In fact it takes great personal courage and a significant amount of awareness (inward self awareness but also outward other awareness) to truly engage to embrace the uncertainty of creativity. Implicit in my understanding of this challenge therefore is the belief that any organisation that does not enable choice, creativity and engagement will not be a high performance organisation?

9 To truly build a high performance / sustainable creative organisation, must recognition of peoples 'consciousness' be prioritised?

10 Free will and choice has at its source, consciousness, the spirit and passion of people only emerges from the deep when it is safe to do so or when it is critical for life/survival or essential for the achievement of a powerful meaningful principle or goal that the person holds dear?

11 Is Deep change a requirement for individuals, organisations, Leadership and the systems in which we must function, to be empowered, to engage in a manner that releases creativity, energy, and passion and peak performance?

12 Is the world in which we are operating shifting? Do the old rules and thinking no longer apply? What do discoveries in quantum physics, chaos theory, on linear dynamics, living systems and emergence tell us?

13 Are we are struggling to find the language to work with and understand some of the real challenges we face?

14 Creativity, change and engagement can be looked at as a process or a set of steps/practices but are these not manifestations of the state of our being, our level of learning, our level of self-awareness and our level of courage as human beings?

15 Are we not key players in creating and sustaining the system within which we operate and how might we seek to transform ourselves and our systems to be healthier and more sustainable?

16 Through working with humanity and respecting the individual in all our uniqueness not just our logical producing capacities, we may discover the way to humanise the world and build more sustainable ways of being and doing business?

17 Within the current model of business is it crucial that leaders both lead in a transformative way and that they enable/empower and support their people to participate in transformation?

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